Kettle Corn Bags

Your reliable source for kettle corn bags, in stock and ready to ship!

Our clear kettle corn bags comes in many popular sizes to package and protect your fresh popped kettle corn products.

Made from 100% FDA approved resin, choose from three different kettle corn bags to package kettle corn, caramel corn or popcorn products.  Our clear kettle corn bags are made from a low-density polyethylene material that protects and maintain freshness for all your fresh popped kettle corn products.  Available with pre-printed design “Fresh Pop” kettle corn bags.  For a more crystal clear and appealing look, go with our line of “cello PP” (polypropylene) bag.  Our cello PP bags can be heat sealable and offer good barrier protection against the elements.  Take it up another notch with our new “Kettlecone Bag™.”  Our cone shaped polypropylene kettle corn bag is visually impressive with an “easy fill” wide opening.  Made from heavy duty polypropylene film, our cone shape bag is tough and strong and will not easily rip or tear.  Looks more to sell more with our new Ketllecone Bag™.  All of our popcorn bags are sold by the case (1000 per case).  Custom printing is available with a minimum order.

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