Innoseal Plastic Bag Sealers

Efficient and cost effective.

The plastic bag tape sealer of choice!

Innoseal plastic bag sealers applies a professional looking tape closure on plastic bags. Use it for kettle corn bags, bread bags or tortilla bags. Innoseal tape sealer’s tamper evident seals lets the customer know they are first to open the bag. Reusable and practically air tight, Innoseal plastic bag tape sealers keep products fresher longer. Efficient, cost effective and eliminates rusting and puncture hazards of metal twist ties or the swallowing risk of plastic tabs.

Standard Color: White base, clear front. Each unit comes pre-loaded with one clear and one paper tape.

Innoseal refills are sold as a set of seven paper and seven clear tapes.  Rest assured, your product will remain protected and preserved with Innoseal’s tamper evident seals.  Choose Innoseal system as your bag closure system.

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