Apparel Bags

Choose from two types of apparel bags when packaging shirts and garments – Back Flip Bags and Wicket Bags.

Back flip bags, also called fold over bags or front flip bags are apparel bags used as a quick, convenient and economical way to package individual t-shirts and garments without the use of heat seal or adhesive tape.  The back flip is folded over top that allows for quick and easy closing without the need for adhesives or heat sealers.  The size of the back flip depends on the bag’s size.  Smaller bags for t-shirts and smaller garments have approximately 2″ back flip and larger bags for jackets or blankets have 3-5″ back flip.  Thinner back flip bags are commonly printed with a suffocation warning label.  Thicker back flip bags are typically non-printed.  Back flip bags have 1/4″ air holes for the air to escape while stacked or packaged inside a box.

Wicket Bags are apparel bags held together with a wicket wire used for hanging to allow for easier loading of products.  Wicket bags are commonly used with an automated filling machine where each wicket is secured and each bag is maintained open with air allowing for manual feed or automated feed.  Each wicket bags typically contain 100 bags depending on the thickness.  Wicket bags are heat sealable and contain air holes for air to escape during packaging.  Wicket bags are the most convenient way to package t-shirts and various garments on high volume packaging.

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